Why this Internet event is great for your career and your wallet too! – Netthing

Let’s face it, figuring out what’s worth your time when you are starting out or shaping your career is a real challenge. Conferences, workshops, networking events, there can be so much going on – and it can get expensive!

If you are interested in how the Internet actually works or how you can shape the Internet that exists today then Netthing, a FREE event on 28 October at UTS Sydney could be the event for you. 

Have you ever stopped to think about how the Internet was made? Not just the technical stuff, but stuff like how adoption happened, how the rules were formed, or even how countries work together? For 30 years volunteers have been the driving force of Internet and Internet governance in Australia. 

Getting involved has literally built careers and opened opportunities.

One of these people whose career has been shaped by participation is Sandra Davey. Sandra is the Chair of national consumer group Choice, and the Chair of the NetThing steering group. She is also runs her own company helping people and teams build beautiful things. Being involved in the Internet community has opened doors for work, travel, and networks.

“There is a value exchange in volunteering and contributing to something that positively impacts the world around you. Career and opportunity is important, but so is impact and passion. For me it’s about the give, and the Internet community understands that, people are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge.” said Sandra.

If you want to understand more about the Internet, build great networks, and help shape Australian Internet and its communities for the next 30 years this is an event you should check out.  

We want people from all backgrounds, ages, and experiences join us on October 28. We do have fellowships that can help cover the cost of flights and accommodation – because finding money for this stuff isn’t easy – read how here.

If you can join us in Sydney please register for this free event today, and share this post to help us spread the word.