Sam Floreani headshot

Samantha Floreani – Australian Privacy Foundation

Samantha Floreani is the Victorian State Director for Code Like a Girl and sits on the board of the Australian Privacy Foundation.



This audio discusses:

The need to get more women and girls into technology, and the importance of building technology by all of us, for all of us. They are building community for women, and to shift the culture of toxic masculinity within technology. They are getting young women excited about technology, algorithms and code. 

Most people use tech in their everyday lives, if this tech is just being built from the perspective of one type of person, gender, point of privilege. Then potentially we are building tech that doesn’t serve everybody. We are also missing opportunities and solutions just by locking people out. 

Currently women in IT are finding a culture in technology that is not necessarily friendly towards women and other minorities. It can be challenging for women to stay included, and HR policies and job ads can exacerbate these inequalities. There is still a stigma associated with flexible working hours, we need to shift away from a work martyrdom idea; and there is a gendered element to this. 

This audio was recorded at the inaugural NetThing event on October 28, 2019.