8.30 Registration
9.15 Welcome to Country
Michael West, Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council

Auditorium,  Level 2, CB08.02.005
9.20 Chair’s Welcome
Sandra DaveyAuditorium,  Level 2, CB08.02.005
9.30 Welcome from Civil Society and Government

Dr Tobias Feakin, Ambassador for Cyber Affairs, DFAT
Ian Peter, Association for Progressive Communications

Auditorium,  Level 2, CB08.02.005

9.40 – 10.30 Panel 1 Plenary – Policy

How regulations are made and how participants in the Australian environment navigate them  – Social media content control, encryption, classification, censorship.

In discussion with:

  • Lizzie O’Shea, Lawyer, author, Digital Rights Watch
  • Holly Raiche, Internet governance lecturer
  • Samantha Yorke, Google
  • John Stanton, Communications Alliance
  • Willem van Ketwich, ThoughtWorks

Facilitator: David Paris, Digital Rights Watch director, communications and digital rights policy expert & Lyndsey Jackson, Chair, Electronic Frontiers Australia

Auditorium,  Level 2, CB08.02.005

10.35 – 11.25 Panel 2 – Inclusion

Multi stakeholder Australia

The reality of non-government internet governance and participation in Australia

A Town Hall discussion with input from:


  • Dr Heron Loban, lawyer and academic
  • Gunela Astbrink, governance and accessibility expert
  • Professor Julian Thomas,  RMIT
  • Inga Pfaumer, technologist
  • George Fong, technologist
  • Wayne Hawkins, ACCAN director of inclusion

Auditorium,  Level 2, CB08.02.005

Workshop 1Newcomers to the internet

How the internet works, internet organisations, building the internet in Australia.


30 year anniversary of the Australian Internet

  • Samantha Dickinson, Internet governance specialist
  • Bronwyn Mercer, Youth IGF ambassador
  • Bruce Tonkin, AuDA COO

Round room, Level 2, CB08.02.002

11.30 – 12.00 Break
12.05 – 1.00 Panel 3 – Security

Safe from Harm Tonight – the partnership needed between everyday users, civil society, industry and service providers to ensure online safety and security.

This session will unpack a select few of the 26 questions that have been put forward by the Australian Government in their 2020 Cyber Security Strategy discussion paper. The end of the session will be a synthesis of the themes and ideas that have emerged and will feed into a response to the Government.

  • Vanessa Teague
  • Kylie Watson
  • Lucie Krahucolva, Access Now
  • Geoff Gerrand, Principal Regulatory Advisor, Telstra

Auditorium,  Level 2, CB08.02.005

Workshop 2International activity

Internet policy developments in key international organisations: ICANN, ITU, Global IGF

Panel coordinators: Annaliese Williams, DOCA and Pablo Hinojosa, APNIC

  • Paul Wilson, APNIC
  • Caroline Fritsch, auDA
  • Annaliese Williams. DoCA
  • Joseph McCarroll, DoCA
  • Liam Nevill, DFAT
  • Adam Gosling – moderator

Round room, Level 2, CB08.02.002

1.00 – 1.55 Lunch
2.00 – 2.50 Panel 4 – Are we humans or data?

The biggest governance challenge of our times? How might we stop the Internet from becoming many Internets?

The rise of digital platforms and the impact on users. In discussion with 5 strong voices representing us ‘end-users’ of the Internet, we explore the implications of the ACCC Inquiry into the Rise of Digital Platforms, specifically unpacking Chapter 7 (digital platforms and consumers) and Chapter 8 (addressing emerging harm from scams, AI and other new tech).

  • Erin Turner, Head of Campaigns, CHOICE
  • Angus Murray – EFA
  • Pia Andrews – open government and data specialist
  • Sam Floreani, Code like a Girl
  • Mike Chisnall, researcher and consultant

Auditorium,  Level 2, CB08.02.005

Workshop 3 The Internet is mostly volunteers – what if they didn’t show up?

Get governance into it

Did you know, the Internet itself, isn’t owned or managed by any one organisation. It largely runs itself. But much of that has to do with all the volunteers out there that believe in the Internet being open, free and available to all.

The future of Australia’s Internet governance community depends on volunteers as well.

Come help us co-create the continuance of this vital initiative; we’ll share existing processes and ways people can participate and we’ll create new ways as well.


Workshop coordinators: Sandra Davey, Chair and Sarah Kirkby, Product Space.

Format: interactive ideation (aka sticky notes and dot voting!)


Round room, Level 2, CB08.02.002

2.55 – 3.25 IGF engagement in action: Cyber Norms

Consultation and feedback/input gathering session in order to help prepare the Australian position. 

Best practice on the practice implementation of the 11 norms. Position paper, overview, and other related documents are available on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website

Facilitated by Johanna Weaver, Special Adviser to Australia’s Ambassador for Cyber Affairs

Auditorium,  Level 2, CB08.02.005

3.30 – 4.00 Afternoon break
4.00 – 4.50 Panel 5 Plenary – The future

Christchurch, platforms & journalism going forward

Contributors to the session:

  • Jordan Carter, Internet NZ
  • James Penprase, DoCA
  • Jenna Price, UTS
  • Tim Lo Surdo, Democracy in Colour
  • Sonia Sharma, Maddocks

Auditorium,  Level 2, CB08.02.005

5.00 – 5.30 Close of session

2019 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Australian Internet. We close out the day collating and summarising the themes and insights, along with paying homage to this great network that belongs to us all, the Australian Internet.

Auditorium,  Level 2, CB08.02.005