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Paul Wilson – APNIC

Paul Wilson, Director General at the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).

This is a two part audio piece, summaries of each section are listed below the audio.

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This audio discusses:

APNIC is the regional IP address registry for the Asia Pacific registering and managing IP numbers. APNIC provides IP addresses and autonomous system numbers. They do a lot of work on Internet development around the region. Building the Internet around the region. A global, open and stable Internet around the region. A global and open Internet.

Paul says, we all have a collective interest in the global openness of the Internet. Internet filtering and Internet content management, the opportunity for a global and open Internet should exist. Global policies for distribution of IP addresses, to not build a separate and isolated Internet.

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This audio discusses:

The NetThing event comes from an international intergovernmental event back in 2001. Governments wanted to know how the Internet was governed, so a working group was formed.It looked at the fact that multistakeholderism has been the key to the internet’s governance success. The IGF was then formed as a national event, with regional events around the world. 

A multistakeholder approach is the only way to tackle the big issues that are facing the Internet and community now. We are in a similar but different position to other countries, so localised discussions with a global focus is important to help the Internet move in one direction in a way that works.

This audio was recorded at the inaugural NetThing event on October 28, 2019.