Pablo Hinojosa speaking on stage

Pablo Hinojosa – APNIC

Pablo Hinojosa is the Strategic Engagement Director at the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).

This is a two part audio piece, summaries of each section are listed below the audio.

Listen to Part One – Pablo Hinojosa, APNIC


In this audio Pablo discusses:

The APNIC regional organisation serves Asia Pacific, and is extremely passionate about Internet governance. NetThing is a movement to bring different fora together – to bring different interest groups together and share different perspectives, ideally to come up with agreements that are better informed, and eventually decisions that are more capable to address the sort of challenges that the Internet has.

The event is for people who are not just interested in Internet Governance. Pablo explains that the key for successful internet governance is participation. “We are all on the Internet, having a say and demonstrating interest is very important”.

NetThing provides an opportunity for people who are ready to change assumptions to come to a neutral space where agreements can be reached more broadly. Pablo says this isn’t an easy thing for many societies, but, changing opinions, realising the influence of others, and contributing to shared space for solutions is the ideal.

NetThing is the beginning, and the beginning is the coming together of different groups.

Listen to Part Two – Pablo Hinojosa, APNIC


In this audio Pablo discusses:

Concerns about deepening the differences in community. Fragmentation at technical, policy and geopolitical level there is a fragmentation between interest groups. Not being able to embrace the diversity and not being able to bring disparity into a shared space is a mistake. The Internet is an interconnected network, and the different parts affect an ecosystem. If you can’t reach the next branch and group and communicatie and try hard to make your point in a way that is understood by others this creates a risk. And the risk is islands that cannot connect with each other – and that is counter to the Internet.

APNIC is involved to connect the technical community on the internet; the people that see how the packets flow between the network. Decisions made to protect security vulnerabilities can affect the work of network engineers and how the Internet was built and the smooth operation. When policy makers put up restrictions, blockages, and filters, these have intended and unintended consequences that can affect the whole ecosystem.

This audio was recorded at the inaugural NetThing event on October 28, 2019.