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Justin Warren – Electronic Frontiers Australia

Justin Warren is a board member of Electronic Frontiers Australia.



This audio discusses:

For Justin, meeting the other humans behind the screen is one of the most important things about NetThing. Justin has been a life member of EFA since 2001. A few years ago Justin had had enough of the constant onslaught on civil liberties, there was an opportunity to step up and join and do something about it. 

The panels articulated well the bias towards surveillance and control by multiple governments world wide. This current period in history seems to be aligned to authoritarianism, that is happening across the globe. We seem to be sleepwalking into it piece by piece, there is no cavalry to save us, we have to save ourselves. Australia is a comfortable society, this comfort means we see external threats, not internal threats. The external threats are used as an excuse. There are systemic issues with the media on how these issues are reported.

This audio was recorded at the inaugural NetThing event on October 28, 2019.