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In the Media: Cyber Security Strategy 2020: Civil society experts slam ‘national security’ agenda

By Stilgherrian for The Full Tilt, ZDNet, October 29, 2019.

From the article:

“The Australian government needs to drop the “national security” framing of its cybersecurity strategy, according to speakers at the inaugural NetThing, held at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) on Tuesday.

Australia is currently¬†reviewing its national strategy. The Department of Home Affairs published a discussion paper last month,¬†Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy: A call for views¬†[PDF].

Speakers were concerned that the framing of cybersecurity had shifted from that of the original 2016 strategy issued by then-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“There’s two sort of narratives in cybersecurity and … states align with one or the other,” said Lucie Krahulcova, Asia policy analyst at Access Now.

One is the narrative of national security; a narrative of control, like in China and Russia, as well as in many other governments.

The other is the narrative of the internet as a shared common good and an enabler of civic rights. Under that framing, cybersecurity is about the integrity of the system and the protection of individual users.

“I think Australia teeters on the edge of those,” Krahulcova said.

“I would go as far as to say that certain parts of the government aren’t quite as aware [of] how much Australia sits with the Chinas and Russias,” she said.

“In spite of the cybersecurity objectives which were there since 2016, since 2017, the whole narrative and the way that the government views this space has been about control.”

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