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In Sydney? Love the Internet? Don’t miss NetThing!

Rebirthing something isn’t easy. For 30 years the Australian Internet has been shaped by volunteers. But when a group of Internet enthusiasts got together last year to rebirth the Australian Internet governance community, success was far from guaranteed.

However looking at the program today, how rapidly it is being shaped, how enthusiastic people are, it’s clear Internet community governance is wanted and needed in Australia.

The event is free and on October 28 at University of Technology, Sydney. If you haven’t booked, get in quickly. The speakers, and the participant list is incredible. This is your chance to connect with people from all realms of the Internet, all doing amazing things. Opportunities like this do not come along often.

Because NetThing is all about the collective conversation, knowledge and experience we all bring, your perspective matters – so come!

Still not convinced? Here are just five of the 27 speakers up on website now:

Lizzie OShea bio pic
Lizzie O’Shea
– her new book Future Histories eloquantly reminds us all that shaping an Internet future compels us to look backwards at our history. In her day job as a lawyer, Lizzie is currently working on the Uber class action against the global ride-sharing giant on behalf of people in the taxi, hire-car, limousine, and charter vehicle industry. She is a tireless campaigner for civil society and is a founder and board member of Digital Rights Watch.

Pia Andrews bio pic
Just announced! Pia Andrews
– anyone with an interest in open government has come across Pia’s work over the last 20 years in Australia and New Zealand. Within the public sector, Pia has been a trailblazer, working with teams to transform public services through greater transparency, democratic engagement, citizen-centric design, open data, emerging technologies and real, pragmatic actual innovation in the public sector and beyond.

Vanessa Teague headshot
Vanessa Teague
– Have you ever wondered if electronic voting is a good idea? Vanessa is an expert in the security of electronic voting, and known for her work on secret sharing, cryptographic protocols. The security of our systems means the data, and privacy of Australian’s can be protected. But is this in jeopardy? And how do we work through the real dangers in our society vs the imagined ones?

Jenna Price
Jenna Price
– As platforms dictate the terms, and traditional business models for media are collapsing, the future of journalism feels under extreme threat. We’ve never wanted to consume more free content, but now we are struggling with the question, at what cost? Add to the mix the pressures on press freedom that are now being hotly debated in the public and political sphere, and it’s a tough time to be a journalist. As a journalist, academic at UTS, and a seasoned digital community builder, Jenna is the perfect person to share her insight into achieving for a better future.

Heron Loban headshot
Dr Heron Loban
– the promise of the Internet is one of inclusion and access, but is the Internet in Australia accessible to all equally? And what are the costs when inclusion is lacking? Dr Heron Loban is a Torres Strait Islander woman with family connections to Mabuiag and Boigu. She is an academic, lawyer and expert in consumer protection. Through her work with the Centre for Appropriate Technology Heron has intimate insight into the cost of phones and internet and its effects on indigenous people in remote and rural area.


The event is free and on October 28 at University of Technology, Sydney. Book today, it’s free and lunch is included!