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Dr Heron Loban – Griffith University

Dr Heron Loban is a Senior Lecturer in law at Griffith University in Brisbane, specialising in Indigenous consumer issues and communication

This is a two part audio piece, summaries of each section are listed below the audio.

Listen to Dr Heron Loban – Griffith University


In this audio Dr Heron discusses:

Key themes from NetThing are the intersect, expertise around technology – important for finding solutions around the range of Internet issues – you need to take a broad approach in terms of who you include when finding solutions and identifying problems. There is a lot of advocacy going on in a lot of places and spaces, and in a lot of cases we don’t know who those people are. Meeting some people for the first time that have been doing things for ten years, like her, was a standout.

On the amazing success of NetThing is in:

“finding people that otherwise wouldn’t find each other”

Dr Heron touches on her time at the Centre for Appropriate Technology, where they focus on appropriate technology for Central Australia. Infrastructure, management, maintenance, and access are key.

Main concerns are issues around privacy.

“There isn’t an opportunity for people to shape or direct how they would like their privacy to look, or how they would like to exercise their privacy”.

A highlight from today is seeing what New Zealand is doing – particularly around Maori digital inclusion and the digital divide. There are lessons we can borrow for Australia.

This audio was recorded at the inaugural NetThing event on October 28, 2019.