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Blog post: What to Make of the Inaugural NetThing 2019

By Quoc Pham,Senior Product Manager at Neustar Registry Solutions, CircleID, Dec 02, 2019

From the article:

NetThing 2019 felt like an auIGF but different, in a good way. The way the sessions were prepared and presented provided a more inclusive environment, which is an improvement from the “sit behind a desk panel” style quite often previously seen at auIGF. Internet governance and policy discussion can only be enhanced by active stakeholder engagement, so this was definitely a step in the right direction.

Broader scope of topics

My previous experience of the auIGF was that it usually only covered very technical topics that affected the governance of the infrastructure that supports the operation of the Internet. This was probably because the audience was typically from a technical background.

It is clear though, NetThing took inspiration from Nethui, which is held by our friends from across the Tasman in New Zealand. Nethui has a reach of topics far beyond that of a traditional IGF and NetThing set about broadening the scope of topics covered as well by exploring these five areas:

  1. Policy — the intersection of society, economics, law, politics and the Internet.
  2. Inclusion — creating an Internet for everyone, and an Internet community that is everyone.
  3. Technology — the technologies that build and use the Internet.
  4. Security — cybersecurity, cybersafety, infrastructure protection, identity and financial protection, through the lens of the Internet.
  5. The future — speculative, fun, inspirational views of the future Internet.

The Internet has grown exponentially in the last twenty years and has become core to the way that everyone lives, from entertainment through to critical functions that support our very lives. To that end, broadening the topics covered at such an event is essential to remain relevant to the current and future users of the Internet.

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