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Angus Murray – Electronic Frontiers Australia

Angus is the Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia’s Policy Committee.

This is a five part audio piece, summaries of each section are listed below the audio.

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This audio discusses:

The importance of NetThing as an inclusive and collaborative event to discuss how the Internet is governed. Identifying issues, opportunities, and risks, within interconnected networks and interactions. Angus talks about the diversity of people and views on the day. 

Main concern is getting participation from the broad community. The power imbalances that exist between big corporate and government and how these affect the end users in a capitalistic approach. National security over fundamental rights is often given up – this keeps Angus up at night. Reinstating that balance between citizen and the state is critical.


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This audio discusses:

Criminalisation of journalism – journalism is the ability for people to be aware of public interest issues and to receive the facts about issues. There is a broader conversation where journalists have protections over metadata with judicial oversight, citizens should be afforded the same rights.


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This audio discusses:

Privacy – a non absolute base right, privacy isn’t an absolute right. It’s not an end into itself, and there are points at which privacy is given up for the want of other rights. That being said, privacy is a right that underlies other rights, such as human dignity and autonomy. Privacy isn’t enshrined as a right, and when we give that away it will have an effect on future generations.


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This audio discusses:

Concerns about the next 30 years. The Internet was started to connect people and build cohesive, informed societies. All of the benefit that sits in there are also detrimental points. An overload of information and difficulty in discerning correct and incorrect information makes it difficult to identify truth, and useful communities (as opposed to echo chambers for example).

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This audio discusses:

Anyone that is interested in this area should find people to discuss this with, be advocates of their own causes and to start the discussion wherever they might be in their own community. 

This audio was recorded at the inaugural NetThing event on October 28, 2019.