Welcome to NetThing (auIGF)

NetThing is the renewal of an annual forum to strengthen Australia’s Internet governance community, and consists of robust Australia-based Internet policy exploration and discussion. Over time we aim to become the re-birthed, reinvigorated Australian connection to the Internet Governance Forum.

This annual forum will focus on:

  • Building a diverse and inclusive Internet governance community in Australia.
  • Exploring national and international Internet governance policy issues.
  • Sharing technical expertise and policy understanding in a way that people with less technical experience can understand and relate to.
  • Acting as an apolitical and non-partisan forum advocating the benefits of the Internet and related services and technologies.

It functions as a symposium where a diversity of views and perspectives are shared but will not itself seek to formulate final positions or make decisions.

Outcomes for participants

  • Acts as a forum for individuals, community groups, industry leaders, government representatives, academics, students, media – all Internet users –to discuss Internet-related issues in Australia together in a connected and collaborative way.
  • Insights and knowledge gained inform your respective communities and networks.
  • Insights and knowledge gained inform and build towards regional and national initiatives global initiatives (IGF World Forum).


Five themes will be explored in the first NetThing are:

  • Policy – the intersection of society, economics, law, politics and the internet.
  • Inclusion – creating an internet for everyone, and an internet community that is everyone.
  • Technology – the technologies that build and use the internet.
  • Security – cybersecurity, cybersafety, infrastructure protection, identity and financial protection, through the lens of the internet.
  • The future – speculative, fun, inspirational views of the future internet.

Join the conversation and get involved

NetThing is for individuals, community groups, industry leaders, government representatives, academics, students, media – all Internet users – to discuss Internet-related issues in Australia.

We like to think of it as a forum for decision makers NOT a decision making forum 🙂

There’s three ways to join the conversation and get involved

  1. Register and come to our first forum!
  2. Join the organising committee. We meet every 3-4 weeks, via Zoom. Send us an email and someone will get back to you.
  3. Join the mailing list..

Current organising commitee members

  • Sandra Davey (Chair)
  • Andrew Maurer (Vice Chair)
  • Keith Besgrove, Internet AU
  • Alexandra Borthwick, DoCA (Secretariat)
  • Paul Brooks, Internet AU
  • Hannah Brown, DoCA (Secretariat)
  • Paris Burtenshaw
  • Samantha Dickinson
  • Dr Suelette Dreyfuss, University of Melbourne
  • Geffrey Gerrand, Telstra
  • Caroline Greenway
  • Pablo Hinojosa, APNIC
  • Alison Howe, ASPI
  • Lyndsey Jackson, EFA
  • Luci Krahulcova, Access Now
  • Cheryl-Langdon Orr, Internet Australia
  • Paul Levins
  • Bronwyn Mercer, Youth @IGF Fellow 2017
  • Kelsie Nabban
  • Liam Nevill, DFAT
  • Alister Paterson, auDA
  • Helena Qian, Youth @IGF Fellow 2017
  • Sandra Raub, Youth @IGF Fellow 2017
  • Kathy Reid, Linux Australia
  • Pradip Thomas, University of Qld
  • Peter Tonoli, EFA
  • Willem van Ketwich, ThoughtWorks
  • Kat Vrkic, auDA
  • Annaliese Williams, DoCA
  • Liz Williams
  • Paul Wilson, APNIC