NetThing 2020: Key event themes

NetThing 2020 is less than one week away! Register your attendance to join us on October 1-2.

NetThing is FREE to attend, and all are welcome – the more people that join the discussion, the greater the range of perspectives that are included, resulting in more robust and deeper understanding of the Internet issues affecting Australians  – which is exactly what Australia  needs

NetThing 2020 will be hosted online, so you can participate from anywhere: your desk in the office, your desk at home, or even a deck chair by the pool!. If you’re in Brisbane, remember you can also attend in person at the University of Queensland. 

Themes for discussion

To help you prepare for a vibrant discussion on the five key themes at this year’s NetThing, here’s a short overview of each below:

Policy: The intersection of society, economics, law, politics and the Internet
Policy is at the heart of what we do. The NetThing community enables voices to be brought together to strengthen and advocate for policy-related issues and develop strategic outcomes for the Internet in Australia. 

Don’t miss our panel, “The Growing Role of Digital Platforms in our Economy – How are Governments Responding and how should they?”, an exploration of the current state of Internet policy within Australia and around the world and what the next steps should be.

Inclusion: The need to create an Internet for everyone, and an Internet community that is everyone
The Internet in Australia is for everyone, which is why we strive to deliver an event that celebrates the power of inclusion. 

Join us for the panel, “Censorship and Expression Online: Whose Voices are Amplified and whose are Silenced?”, where panelists will discuss marginalised voices and the ongoing role that the Internet community can play in reducing harm in digital spaces.

Technology: The technologies that build and use the Internet, allowing for mass communication
The Internet relies on a wide range of technical resources and their management, including the Domain Name System (DNS) and Internet Protocol (IP) address allocation. 

On day 2, technology will be addressed from the perspective of .au Domain Administration (auDA), who will be running an interactive workshop to assist in shaping their future approach in managing the .au namespace. Another session focusing on technology will be GoDaddy Registry’s “DNS Abuse” workshop which will look at ways to create awareness of DNS Abse as well as options for mitigating and responding to threats.

Security: Cybersecurity, cybersafety, infrastructure protection, identity and financial protection, through the lens of the Internet
An area of ongoing concern both on a national and global scale is cybersecurity, digital safety and the importance of maintaining standards and obligations in this area. 

In the panel, “Internet Infrastructure Security” these topics will be addressed from the perspective of the Internet being an essential service to Australia, looking at how Australia’s Internet infrastructure security serves as part of an interconnected global network.

The future: Speculative, fun, inspirational views of the future Internet
The future of Internet governance includes being able to deliver frameworks, policies and strategies that meet the needs of the Internet community and our responsibility in maintaining a proactive approach.

Discussion surrounding the future of the Internet will be a focus of the panel discussion  “Gaming our Future: Emerging Technology and the Future of Internet Governance in Australia”, which looks at emerging technologies such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation and how society has adapted. 

Join us for a session, a day, or both days of NetThing 2020!

Day 1 consists of a number of exciting panels focusing on many of the themes of this year’s NetThing. Day 2 consists of workshops, providing the opportunity for attendees to network and participate more directly in smaller breakout discussions including:

  •  “A Beginners Guide to Internet Governance”
  •  “DNS Abuse”
  •  A tech talk focusing on “Australia at Home” 
  • “Help shape auDA’s future strategic direction” (auDA is the administrator and self-regulatory policy body for the .au domain space)
  • “The future of NetThing”.

Check out the full program here.

You don’t have to be an expert or have a strong opinion to join NetThing. If you want to learn a little about how the Internet works NetThing is an ideal place to start! Equally, if you have opinions or expertise, NetThing welcomes your participation. 

So join us, online or at the Brisbane hub, 1-2 October, to help shape the future of the Internet in Australia.